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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Spring Hill, FL

We recently have expanded our treatment options to include implant placement in our office. Our goal in providing this service is to create a situation where more patients can conveniently have access to a highly successful, long-lasting treatment for missing teeth with a lower time, travel, and financial burden when the circumstance allows. A high percentage of implant placements can be completed without extensive grafting and complication when digital planning is used, and when they cannot be completed in this manner our office will refer to experienced surgeons for placement.

Implants are often misunderstood as a tooth that is screwed into the bone of the jaw. While this is partially true, the ‘implant’ itself is simply a fake tooth root that is surgically placed into the bones of the upper and lower jaw in order to attach a crown in a space where there is no longer a natural tooth. When we place an implant at Heinecke Family Dentistry, Dr. Massey plans the surgery using many sources of digital imagery before the surgery is ever completed. This allows for the day of placement to be surprise-free as all of the anatomical structures of the face have previously been accounted for, and the size and direction of the implant itself are known to produce a crown that will be functional and beautiful.

Implant Restoration

After the Implants are placed in the bone either by our office or by a surgeon, we have a variety of different types of restorations that can be attached. When a patient is missing multiple or all of their teeth, we can create removable dentures or fixed crowns and bridges to replace them. With implants, these options become numerous and much more predictable due to the fact that restorations that were previously uncomfortably worn can be made stable and efficient. Imagine a denture that doesn’t move when you chew or a bridge to replace all of your missing teeth with crowns that stay in overnight! There are so many wonderful things that implants now offer that has completely changed our possibilities in dentistry. Ask us about our dental implant options at your next visit!

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