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Patient Comfort

Patient Comfort

Dental Office in Spring Hill, FL


At Heinecke Family Dentistry, patient comfort is a priority. We know going to the dentist isn’t everyones cup of tea, so we do everything we can to ensure you have  a positive experience when you visit our office.

‘Goop-less’ Digital Impressions

 We are extremely excited that with the opening of our Spring Hill location we are introducing our 3shape Trios Digital Impression System. This is the best digital impression system on the market by far, and offers a huge amount of advantages over its competition.  With this system, we are able to replace the long standing tradition of foul-tasting, mouth-filling impression material for the vast majority of our impression needs.  The system quickly (in as little as 20 seconds) records the shape and position of the teeth and their relationship with the other teeth in your mouth. From there, it then packages this information electronically and sends them to the lab.  Color, texture, and spacing is extremely accurate, virtually eliminating human error in the communication process between the lab, doctor, and patient. This is one of the biggest advances in dental history, and we are honored to be able to bring this to you and our other patients in the Spring Hill area.

 Massaging Dental Chairs

 All of the dental chairs in our Spring Hill office are fitted with massaging upholstry.  This is just a small part of our effort to bring you the most relaxing environment possible during your treatment at Heinecke Family Dentistry.

 Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)

For medically qualified patients, we offer Nitrous Oxide gas to aid in resolving axiousness and promoting relaxation during dental procedures.  This safe and carefully administered gas is inhaled along with medical oxygen to create a euphoric sensation accompanied with an increased anesthetic effectiveness.  Many procedures benefit from nitrous, and we are happy to have this treatment available in our Spring Hill office.


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