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Emergency Dental Service

Dental Emergencies in Spring Hill


 When no other options are available, we offer extractions including most wisdom teeth extractions.  There are many reasons why a tooth may be deemed non-restorable: large spots of decay, lack of remaining tooth structure for a crown or filling, absess, mobility, and periodontal bone loss are just a few. We provide a relaxing environment for all of our surgical procedures, and our staff and doctors all work together to care for you. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available for those who desire it and are medically able to receive it. When the treatment is finished, we have many options for replacing teeth, see our implant services.

Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth’s pulp suffers trauma from decay or an accident, it often is unable to recover. This can lead to pain and infection. When this happens and there is enough tooth structure remaining, a root canal can be performed to remove the pulp and seal the root from bacteria.  The fears associated with root canals are often myths, and this treatment allows you to keep your natural tooth and maintain the bone around the root.  In most cases a crown is necessary to seal the tooth from bacterial reentry and rebuild the tooth structure.

 Dental Trauma

Your first stop when you have any type of injury to the face or head should be the ER. However, when you are deemed safe from any life threatening condition, injuries to the teeth can be treated with a variety of methods. We offer many of these treatments in our office and have a reputable referral base for those cases that may require specialist intervention.


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